End Point Assessment - EPA Grading

Successful apprenticeship outcomes are graded Pass, Merit or Distinction.
Pass: For a pass, each of the three sets of criteria must demonstrate at least the expected (minimum requirement) level of quality.
Merit: Merit consists of What has to be significantly above the level of quality. Also, one of either the How or the With Whom has to be significantly above the level of quality expected.
Distinction: For a distinction, each of the three sets of criteria must be significantly above the expected level of quality.
Apprenticeship End Point Assessment and grading: who does it?
Organisations on the ESFA’s Register of Apprentice Assessment Organisations can undertake Apprenticeship EPA against the standard, for which they’re registered. Also, these organisations are responsible for delivering Apprenticeship End Point Assessments based on the specifications produced by the employers.

NowSkills would normally arrange a learner’s Apprenticeship End Point Assessment. If employers would like to make their own arrangements, please inform us during the first 6 months of the apprenticeship. Additional charges may apply.

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