How can NowSkills support SME employers

Welcome, SME and non-levy paying employers

The needs of non-levy paying SME employers are often different to larger, levy paying employers.  The range, size and complexity of non-levy employers is wide, and at NowSkills provides SME support and works with employers who have 5 employees, through to larger non-levy employers with 100+ employees.

Many non-levy employers don’t have a dedicated apprenticeship manager, and many are yet to employ any apprentices, some non-levy employers have attempted to employ apprentices with different levels of success. NowSkills is here to provide SME support to non-levy employers and to help them to create an apprenticeship strategy that enable them to maximise the apprenticeships opportunity whilst offering apprentices meaningful roles that lead to rewarding careers.

Further information: How we support SME employers - NowSkills IT Apprenticeships

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